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The Challenge: To Read 30 Books In Seven Months

Why read 30 books in seven months?

If you’ve read my “10 guilty pleasures” post the reason will seem self explanatory. I do LOVE reading. That is only part of the reason though. I think all entrepreneurs can learn new ideas, new concepts and avoid mistakes through reading books. In fact anyone can learn from books, not just entrepreneurs.

So I have set myself this challenge – to read 30 books by 31st December 2011. Further, I will post a review of my learning and overall thoughts for at least half of the books here on the Better Business Better Life blog. Read the posts and you can decide whether to read the books for yourself or take the lessons I’ve mentioned and apply them to your business.

Which books am I going to read (in no particular order)?

1. Millionaire Mumpreneurs: How Successful Mums Made a Million Online and How You Can Do it Too! by Mel McGee

2. The Unauthorised Guide to Doing Business the Jamie Oliver Way by Trevor Clawson

3. The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama by David Remnick

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

5. Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin

6. The Idea Generator: Tools for Business Growth by Ken Hudson

7. Read My Lips: How to Achieve your Life, Health and Wealth Goals by six successful Aussie women

8. The E-Myth Enterprise by Michael E. Gerber

9. Web Copy That Sells by Maria Veloso

10. Standing Tall: Confidence, Teamwork and Learning to Lead by Tom Harley

11. Making $#it Happen by Peter Sheahan

12. Trump Style Negotiation by George H. Ross

13. Awakening the Entrepreneur Within by Michael E. Gerber

14. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

15. The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness by Stephen R. Covey

16.Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed! By Dale Beaumont

17. The Breakthrough Company by Keith R. McFarland

18. Focal Point by Brian Tracy

19. Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

20. Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss

21. The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma

22. Why We Want You To Be Rich by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki

23. 101 Ways To Sell More Of Anything To Anyone by Andrew Griffiths

24. Dominate Your Market With Twitter by John Smith and Josė Llinares

25. Secrets of Top Sales Professionals Exposed by Dale Beaumont with Stuart Zadel

26. Small Business, Big Opportunity by Sensis

27. Rethink: The Story Of Edward De Bono In Australia by Leo D’Angelo Fisher

28. Passion @ Work by Shivani

29. Jump In! by Mark Burnett

30. Girl’s Guide to Turning Your Idea Into A Business  by Melissa Seymour

 I’d love to hear from you. Join my challenge or share a great book you’ve read below.

4 Responses to The Challenge: To Read 30 Books In Seven Months

  1. Great list.

    The one I would add would be
    Getting things Done the Art of Stress Free Productivity.

    by David Allen

    I love that guy.

  2. Hulloo. Since I’m not currently taking classes, I tend to only read nonfiction online, except for the Bible. But I have read some great fiction books this year: The Lost Books series by Ted Dekker, The Help by Kathryn Stockett, a few others (which I should blog about), and right now Gap Creek by Robert Morgan. Happy Reading!

    • Hi Kati,
      Thanks for sharing the books you’ve read. I will have to check them and your blog out. I must admit I drive my family and friends to distraction. They can’t understand how I would enjoy reading only non-fiction business and personal development books. Perhaps it’s time to read some novels and get my imagination going?
      Be sure to let me know if you come across a new favourite.
      Cheers, Caylie

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