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The Easiest Way To Get Organised In 2012

You are nine days into 2012!

Maybe you are still on holidays or perhaps you returned to work today like I did.

Either way you have a job to do.

You only need do it once for the year but it is an absolute must if you want to


And the good news is it is SOOOOO easy.

Step 1 – Get out your 2011 diary and identify your regular commitments. It could be meetings, online marketing updates, invoicing, sport, date night, doctors appointments and/or everything in between. Ignore anything you won’t continue with in 2012.

Step 2 – Using your list of commitments, gather together all the new dates for 2012.

Step 3 – Create reminders for events and checklists for work tasks. Stick them in your diary.

Just like this (although I’d recommend a little larger now I’ve seen how small mine really are):

You might choose to colour code or use numbering. Whatever works best for you!


Now you have a great understanding of your key commitments and tasks for 2012.

Of course things will change. Be added. Deleted. Etc.

The point is you have an awesome baseline to work from.


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Pic Source: Amandicacom.

4 Responses to The Easiest Way To Get Organised In 2012

  1. I’m working on getting organized! I’ve vowed to eliminate things/people/situations from my life that suck the joy out of it instead of making New Year’s Resolutions. I’m trying to clear out the crap that has filled all my cabinets and drawers and keep things that are useful or bring me joy.

    • Fantastic Tara!

      It’s vital to review where you are at, what you have and decide what will help you get to the next level. I don’t bother with New Year’s Resolutions either. I figure if something needs to be done or changed, start now!

      ‘What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There’ – Marshall Goldsmith

      Cheers, Caylie

  2. Brilliant Caylie – nice and simple and DO-able. Another great tool is Dan Kennedy’s book “No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs” – put a $ value on your time and see how much you’re prepared to waste.

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