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Tools For A Challenge – Bookmarks

Challenges require excellent tools to help ensure success. So when reading 30 books in seven months you must have fun, sturdy, cute bookmarks. Right?

Here are some favourites I found…

(Click the pictures to go to their websites.)

Vintage spoons – Made by Melanie Eagleson. Brilliant idea that not only upcycles the spoons but results in awesome, long lasting bookmarks. Love the clever messages on them too. Retail $A10.



Leather – Ok, these were so awesome I had to share two. They speak for themselves. At only £4 GBP (just over $A6) they are a steal.


Wooden – There must be something about Britain and book marks. Gold, silver and bronze hand painted, this super cute set of three is made from the off cuts of other projects and polished in beeswax. Available for £7 GBP (just over $A11).

Copper – A book a day keeps the doctor away. Tiny and extra gorgeous, this bookmark from SnappinStudio is sure to make your heart sing.  Retail $US10.

5” silver – Ever read a book then watched the movie? Disappointed? Heed the advice of this bookmark. From BarrelOfMonkeys and retailing for $US6.

Now, I’d love to hear about your favourite bookmarks…Tell me in the comments…

2 Responses to Tools For A Challenge – Bookmarks

  1. I love books but some would say I’m far too disrespectful. I never use them. If I did I like the small copper one though. 🙂

    • Hi Vikki,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Don’t worry. Previously I used scraps of paper or old receipts. These bookmarks are too cute to resist. Magnetic bookmarks are great because even if you drop the book, they don’t fall out.
      Cheers, Caylie

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