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Top Tools:

Top Tools:

Ever been busy brainstorming or mindmapping? The cumbersome butcher’s paper and texta on the table. You’ve had a brainwave only to realize you’ve run out of room. Or worse still, something is in the wrong place.

What do you do?

Scratch out the error? Scribble over the top? Both make your notes less decipherable.

The solution… allows you to create a free account in seconds. From there you can brainstorm your heart out, without the challenges mentioned.
The application is Internet base meaning you can access it from anywhere. Great if you’re on the go.

It uses keyboard shortcuts to create new items which can be rearranged at any stage. Links in the map are also easily moved or removed.

Try next time you need to mind map.

Have you used or a similar application? Share your experience in the comments.

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