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Top Tools For Making Your Life Easier: Evernote

Many, many years ago Internet Explorer was released and Favourites became the tool for keeping track of useful resources. The problem was you could only access your favourites on your computer.

Now a new, better, FREE solution is available and solves many problems. I love Evernote and so do 87,364 Facebook likers! The app also won its second Webby Award a few days ago.

Evernote is a fantastic productivity app that allows you to manage tons of information and have access to it anywhere the Internet is available; mobile, wireless or otherwise.

Copy and paste from the Internet and Evernote automatically saves the link the information came from. Include a tag in your note and searching is too easy. The Evernote website has a fantastic blog that helps you make the most of the app and gives examples of how people of all walks of life are using it.

I use Evernote to manage inspirations I’d like to come back to; organise my trip to Europe; brainstorm blog ideas; manage business resources and so much more. Other examples I’ve seen include managing a pop-up restaurant; to do lists; studying; building business products on the road and recording meeting minutes.

Do you use Evernote? Tell us in comments how Evernote helps you.

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