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Video: Forget Traffic – Here’s The REAL Reason It’s Important

Do you ever wonder who you are really talking to online? Do you question if the person is truly the same offline?

The social media world tends to go through stages of what is the next big thing. First it was MySpace then Facebook, now it seems to be Pinterest. Blogging seem to follow a similar evolution. In recent times video posts have been all the rage.

Video should solve the world’s problems if you are to believe all the hype.

Post your video on YouTube and you will receive masses of traffic to your blog. After all, YouTube is the second biggest search engine that currently exists.

And the truth of the matter is, done the right way, video posts WILL significantly increase your traffic. There is nothing wrong with bringing your target audience to your blog.

But are you forgetting the most basic but possibly most important aspect of video blogging?

Video blogging can make you “real” when face to face contact isn’t possible.

One of my gorgeous readers commented on my first video post saying:

Kim then went on to say:

Just so you know Kim I’d love to hang out too!

Using video builds a stronger connection to your readers and/or clients. They get to hear your voice, notice your mannerisms and possibly witness your idiosyncrasies.

The beauty of all this?

A stronger connection builds trust and loyalty.

Following on from this, have you heard the saying “It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing client”? The same goes in blogging. It is much easier to retain a reader than attract a new one.

Yes, you will probably see some new readers join the conversation. That’s a great indirect benefit and not to be underestimated.

Continually bringing in and promptly losing new readers is hardly a sustainable strategy though. You’ll burn out very quickly.

What to do then?

Reward your readers by allowing them to met the real you. Crazy bits and all. They’ll love you for it.

Do you video post? Leave a link in the comments so I can meet the real you too!

Top Pic Source: Jayel Aheram

14 Responses to Video: Forget Traffic – Here’s The REAL Reason It’s Important

  1. I do have a Youtube account and I have some videos up there on marriage tips. I am really stiff and serious but mainly because I don’t like the way I look and always avoiding the camera. So for the videos I’m scared to death. I’ll have to work on it.

    • Hey Shawn,
      I think we are all too hard on ourselves. We are far more harsh and judgmental of ourselves than we are of others. I’m sure you come across and confident and knowledgeable. Try to imagine you are talking to a friend or a client. Don’t focus on what’s happening around you, just be passionate about your message.
      Sending great video blogging vibes ;o)

  2. I hope next month I’ll have some more time to devote to video-making and setting up a YouTube channel.
    I’m 100% with you on the connection value of videos. We are human beings — we are programmed by nature to relate to human facial features and to learn to recognize among individuals.

    • Hi there Eleni,
      Thanks for your readership and comment.
      I can’t wait to see your videos. I must admit I have a lot of work to go branding my YouTube channel.
      Best wishes,

    • Hey Helen,
      I totally understand if you are nervous. It took me six months to build the courage only the realise how ‘non-traumatising’ the experience was once I’d attempted it.
      Consider having another person in the video with you. ‘Strength in numbers.’
      Best wishes whatever decision you choose.

  3. Caylie – You are on a roll with your blog lately! Thanks for building upon my comment! It’s wonderful to hear some reassurance for what I am doing, even if I’m not completely confident in the outcome. Building connections was exactly my hope and that’s why I’m pushing myself to do it. 🙂 I figure, I might scare some people away, but those weren’t the right people for my site then. Thanks for all you are doing here. So much valuable information!

    • Hey Kim!
      Thanks for the comment. I am participating in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. You should have a go too. Check out:
      In terms of scaring people away I remember listening to Sonia Simone of Copyblogger. Sonia doesn’t fear unsubscribes or the like. She believes in self-selection i.e. the right people will stay and for those who leave, she hopes they will find a better fit.
      Can’t wait to see the video. You will rock it!

  4. I still haven’t got to videoing me. I do chat and do screencasts, and you do get the crazy, sometimes bad tempered, sometimes a bit odd me there – and it has made a difference!

    So why do I say to others, get on video, yet don’t do it myself?

    Fear! One barrier down, the next is the biggy. It is comming soon though!

    Great post!

    • Hi Jan,
      Welcome to my blog. Thank you for reading.
      Isn’t it funny how we have plenty of suggestions for others when we are too fearful to have a go ourselves?
      I love that you are comfortable sharing your personality good and not so great.
      Forgive my ignorance but what are screencasts?
      Definitely have a go at video blogging. As soon as you’ve finished you’ll think “what was so bad about that?”
      Best wishes,

  5. Hi Caylie,

    Great point. I’ve done a few videos but struggle with the idea because I prefer to read something (even at my incredibly slow reading speed) than to watch a video. I know I’m fairly alone in that preference and there are other reasons, I just have to get over it and do it!

    • Hi Nicole,
      Unless the video is under three minutes I prefer to read too. That said, I want to cater for all of my readers so I intend to mix it up more.
      Thanks for your comment!

  6. Hi Caylie,
    I’ve done video off and on for my website and it’s always been well received. I’ve cheated though and always videoed someone else because I’ve always been self conscious of my weight. Then I one time had someone tell me, after meeting me, that it was nice to meet me and find out I was just like her, a heavy weight horseback rider, who didn’t let my weight stop me from enjoying my passion. She felt like she could identify with me even more now. It’s still a little scary, but my next video will have me in it. Thank you for putting in words why it can be a good thing to do.

    • Hi Laura,
      I’m so glad your fellow rider gave you the confidence to be in your next video. I was also terrified of being in my video as I am very overweight but the gorgeous Marissa insisted I sit with her. I’m glad she did because I’ve had the most supportive feedback.
      Let me know as soon as your video is up. I’d love to watch.
      Cheers, Caylie

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