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Blog Comments – Would You Like More?

If anyone knows how to engage with their audience you can’t go past Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. I’ve emailed Pat a number times and always received a thoughtful, speedy response. Message him on Facebook and you’re sure to get a response, whether from Pat himself or his loyal community. He even responds to at least 50% of comments on his blog.

So who better to learn from about growing blog comments…

Why would you want more blog comments?

Nothing can prove the value of your content more than readers being willing sharing their stories and opinions. Whether or not they agree with you is beside the point -> comments are social proof that your content is worthy of discussion.

Further to this recent comments on a post make it more attractive to search engines. You will rank higher and comments on the post may lead to increased optimisation for related keywords.

And let’s be honest…who doesn’t receive an confidence boost when a reader takes the time to respond? Not convinced? Read why blogging makes people joyful.

For further tips:

There are many quality articles written on how to generate more blog comments. Here are two favourites I would recommend:

If you take away nothing else from these articles make sure it’s easy for your readers to comment! CAPTCHA codes are great as long as you don’t mind losing spammy AND the odd geniune comment.

Bonus tip (beause you’re awesome):

Ok, there is definitely an often overlooked tip no one here has mentioned – join a blogging challenge. Whether it be Ultimate Blog Challenge, WordCount Blogathon or Pat’s monthly challenge get on board! Write helpful content, support your fellow participants and watch your comments grow.

What tip do you suggest to grow blog comments?

4 Responses to Blog Comments – Would You Like More?

  1. I am always working to interact with my readers and love seeing comments. I like the call to action that Pat mentions. I try to add that but need to be more conscious of it.

    • Shawn, you do a fabulous job interacting with your readers and other bloggers! I take my hat off to you. Completely agree on the call to action <- so important but easily missed.

  2. Hi Caylie, Focusing on engaging with our readers is definitely very important. We write for them so it’s nice to receive feedback. In all honesty I don’t get as many comments as I’d like on my blog but my posts get shared around alot so I guess people like them 🙂

    • Hi Jedha, I love reading your posts and definitely agree people share them because they love your work. Can you take one tip from this post and implement? Cheers, Caylie

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