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Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

Blogging, networking, brainstorming...anyone up for multitasking?

April 18th is Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

I came across this random fact while reading through Social Rabbit’s April 2012 Calendar of Events.

Not one to pass up an opportunity for some fun, I put the call out to fellow bloggers asking them to send an image of them blogging or their work environment. No specifics were given to avoid the variety of images that were sent from being limited.

Ok, so not really. It was actually a test!

How many bloggers would return with photos of themselves working in pajamas? How many would send images of their favourite blogging things instead?

And what would the ‘subjects’ look like?

Super groomed with perfect posture or half asleep desperately trying to push on?

Are you sophisticated like this?
Or determined to tick off your day's to do list?

The response was interesting.

None of the blokes I invited to participate responded.

Are you blokes a bit shy?

In the mean time 10 super awesome and totally generous ladies answered the call. Thanks to all of you!

Here is what they sent:

Our Gorgeous Bloggers And Their Favourite Tools At Work

Don’t you love how each individual is totally unique?

Let me introduce you (from left to right, top to bottom):

1. Jo Harrison of Writer’s Block Admin Services shared a corner of her office. Jo will be a guest blogger here on Better Business, Better Life in the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for that!

2. The lovely Marissa Roberts from Beautifully Organised always keeps family snaps close by when working. Marissa featured in my first video post after I met her at the Digital Parent Conference 2012.

3. Don’t you love a good pair of slippers? Nancy Liddle from Woman Glow sure does. Nancy is in the running for the Best Australian Blogs 2012 People’s Choice award. Be sure to get behind her and vote!

4. Manisha Lee of Love Live Art tells me while this image is a photo booth picture and her computer isn’t in shot, this is her everyday situation. ‘I’ve always got food and art around me!

5, 7, 9 & 13. Fancy a graphic designer sending multiple images through. Helen Bogun of Helz Design was first on board, getting behind my requests for photos and encouraging others to join in. Thanks Helen.

6. Jess Van Den, owner of Epheriell Designs and *bespoke* ezine, fashions gorgeous jewellery using recycled materials with great success on Etsy and MadeIt. Read Jess’ profile.

8. Sarah George of DearBabyG also attended the Digital Parents Conference and was a great buddy. Also nominated for the Best Australian Blogs 2012 People’s Choice award, vote for Sarah and Nancy at the same time. Sarah says ‘I was blogging on the couch whilst these two read books on the floor.’ Could you get cuter blogging helpers?

10. Currently travelling around Central and South America, Serena Star-Leonard is the author of How To Retire In 12 Months. What a great adventurer’s office Serena has – love the vibrant surroundings.

11. Rochelle Stewart-Allen of My Kitchen Capers blogs about gluten-free culinary adventures. Rochelle said in her email ‘Here’s a shot of me blogging in bed in my flowery pjs with the laptop on my knee – a very common occurrence!’ Great thinking. Total comfort.

12. Meet Kimberly Creagan of Joyful Roots. Kimberly is currently designing a new logo for Better Business Better Life after I was lucky enough to win her giveaway. Can’t wait to see the ideas she comes up with! Read more of Joyful Roots’ story here.

So there you have it! It seems bloggers don’t work exclusively in pajamas. They sure know how to create sweet work environments though.

Why don’t you join the fun? Email a photo of you working in your jim-jams to caylie (AT) betterbusinessbetterlife (DOT) com (DOT) au and I will add it to the mix.

Hope you enjoy Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day!

14 Responses to Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

  1. Fun! I’m actually FULLY dressed today, even wearing shoes. 🙂 I’ll have to send you a photo of my lazy-work attire, aka, yoga pants and a tank or hoodie depending on the temp of the house…. perhaps I can do that tomorrow. I missed your call for photos I’ve been buried in a to-do list this last week and a half. Feels good to be mostly caught up and blog jumping again. Have a great day, Caylie!

  2. I am usually in jams on those days when I know I’m not going anywhere and have blogs to write. Usually end up in shorts & t-shirt before hubby gets home.

  3. thanks for the plug Caylie – love your site’s look and content. a fun post and now tweeted and shared. 😀

  4. I don’t go in my jammies, I go in my work out clothes. I’m very fortunate to have a gym in my basement so I get the work out clothes on first thing and then work out whenever I get fatigued throughout the day. 10 min on the elliptical will do wonders for boosting your energy level!

  5. yes full dressed as always but wearing the pink slippers 🙂

    pretty lovely idea … thanks for the featuring 🙂

    nice to see everybody 🙂

  6. This is such a fun post, Caylie! What a cute way to get to know each other better. I’m having fun swinging by the other blogs to check them out. Fun stuff! Thanks so much for including moi!

  7. Cute post! I miss my work from home days…now I’m in the office every day and forced to wear real clothes, though we are allowed the luxury of jeans. On the weekend when I blog, I’m definitely in my PJ’s though!

  8. Caylie,
    Yes, I’ve been caught in my PJ’s while working. You set my mind to thinking – maybe I need to update my PJ’s wardrobe. Now, what’s the best style to blog in?

  9. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for your comments. Seems many of us love a bit of PJ comfort when blogging. Glad everyone thought the post was a bit of fun. Thank you to everyone who sent through photos.
    Cheers, Caylie

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