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When Life Throws You A Curve Ball…Communicate

When Life Throws You A Curve Ball...Communicate

Sometimes life throws a curve ball your way. Something entirely challenging and unexpected.

As small business owners we should always be prepared for the unexpected and have contingency plans ready to go.

But occasionally the ‘thing’ will knock you flat in ways you never thought possible.

Whatever the curve ball is time and effort usually get you back on track.

In the mean time the most important thing to do is…


As much as you never want to miss a client’s deadline most will be very understanding if it is a ‘once-off’ and you maintain the lines of communication.


What has happened.

What that means for the client.

And negotiate to ensure the best possible alternative outcome outcome for the client.

Then focus…

On looking after yourself.

And completing your clients’ projects at the earliest possible moment.

Has life thrown you a curve ball? How did you deal with it? Be sure to share your strategies!

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